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Igor Mayherkevych

A matrimony photography as my family takes a special place in my life and has been making me happy for more than 10 years now. This very moment of happiness motivates me to create the best wedding photographs. It does not matter what nationality or religion you are and what is your mother tongue. True emotions and feelings are what matters in my photos! Above all, I value naturalness, easiness and professionalism. I am inspired by travels, new meetings and sincere joyful people.

I want my creative work to make you smile. I live at the crossroads of three countries, besides Italy, I will be happy to participate in your celebration in Germany and Austria. Let’s make creative wedding pictures and record your love story together!

Destinations for wedding photoshoot in Italy

Wedding Photographer in Italy: Groom puts bride on engagement ring
Rome is a wonderful place and a whole fantastic world for best marriage photography examples in Italy...
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Wedding Photographer in Italy: Loving couple cuddles on the ancient bridge of Venice
Venice is the city of masks but not in the wedding portrait in Italy, where it’s hard to hide your true sincere emotions...
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Wedding Photographer in Italy: Black and white portrait of the groom on the background of endless and beautiful mountains
Naples is the pearl of Italy. This city can become the spot where you can create your engagement photos from Italy...
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Wedding Photographer in Italy: Happy bride and groom walking in the park holding hands
Milan is the fashion and business capital, the most stylish and rich city adored by local Italian wedding photographers...
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Photography services in Italy

Couple Photoshoot
A great way to have fun with your dearest ones and preserve the moment of happiness for many years. Many years later, looking at wedding photos from Italy, you will feel the same pleasant emotions. 
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Wedding photography
Wedding is the most exciting and touching day in a person’s life. Wedding photos made in Italy are the best memory of a magical day because they reflect the most interesting, funny and, of course, the most romantic moments and memories for a lifetime!
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Only a video from Italy can be better than wedding photos from Italy. Your wedding in Italy is the best occasion to shoot a film full of love, joy and adventure, which will make invaluable memories. Become the main characters of the film about the happy moments of your life.
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Ideal bridal morning photoshoot in Italy: tips for photographers and brides
Ideal bridal morning photoshoot in Italy: tips for photographers and brides
A bride’s photoshoot in exquisite apartments in Milan
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A groom needs photos too or how to take stylish photos for the groom
A groom needs photos too or how to take stylish photos for the groom
A lot of men do not like being photographed and agree to that only...
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How to choose a wedding photographer in Italy? 

Affordable wedding photography has become very popular in Italy. The number of wedding photographers creating wedding photos in Italy is growing every day, so it is very important to choose not only a professional among the best wedding photographers Italy but also a real artist to shoot your wedding. A professional photographer is responsible for what they do and should treat creative wedding photography as an art. It will be difficult to choose places for wedding photography in Italy on your own because there are a lot of different locations. A professional will show you the best route to make as many interesting frames as possible for wedding photos, groom and bridal portraits from Italy. When choosing a professional photographer for a wedding photo shoot or engagement photography Italy, it is important to choose an artist who is in love with their job. Get inspired by my works! There are a lot of feelings, real emotions and interesting people in them.

Photographer in Italy: Loving couple holding hands on the background of wide mountains and a picturesque mountain lake

How to get ready for the wedding in Italy 

If you dream of a wedding in Italy, it is very important to prepare for this event in advance. I believe that the result of your expectations about an ideal wedding day and a magical wedding shoot Italy depends on careful preparation, considering all the details. I really want to help you with this. First of all, you need to decide which part of Italy you prefer to choose for your event and marriage photography Italy. Italy is a very diverse and vibrant country. You can choose the region that suits you best. It can be the sea and beaches, or historical monuments in harmony with the city architecture. It is also important to choose a celebration atmosphere. It can be a calm, sincere party with your family or, on the contrary, a vibrant and loud banquet. Secondly, you should decide on the date of the wedding to book the chosen location for the celebration. From my own experience, I can say that Italy is good at any time of the year, but the most favourable months are considered to be the period from March to October. The third important point is selecting a team of professionals who will work at your banquet. And finally, for everyone to enjoy your event, logistics for the guests’ movements is important too. I can tell you more useful information in a personal conversation. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Photographer in Italy: Smiling bride in an incredibly nice wedding dress with snow-white and airy veil posing for the photographer’s camera

Most common mistakes when planning a wedding 

I often come across the same mistakes I notice in the wedding organization. That is why I’d like to warn you and inform on some of the most common wedding mistakes. Firstly, it is very important to have an idea of ​​what emotion you would like to get at the wedding and what's more important for you on this day: family comfort, a party with friends, etc. Based on the answer to this question, start planning your special day. Many do not think about it and live through this day without genuinely enjoying it.

The second mistake, in my opinion, is the wrong plan of the day or the selection of the locations. For example, if the church ceremony is of great importance for you, and you have a lot of guests, maybe it’s worth finding a hotel and restaurant nearby so as not to spend a lot of time moving between locations. It is important to correctly allocate time for each location. If you neglect the schedule for the wedding day, there can be very little time for the desired wedding photo shoot.

The third mistake is your desire to control everything. Most of the work must be done before the wedding or let the wedding organizers do it so you could just relax and enjoy the celebration. Even if something goes little wrong, no one except you will notice it.