Imagine a beautiful wedding morning in Italy

A bride’s photoshoot in exquisite apartments in Milan, Naples, Venice or Rome is a dream that may become the best memory in life.

  The wash of the waves, sea breeze and incredible landscapes in the apartment’s window create a bride’s magical mood on one of the most important days in life. 

I consider the bride’s morning photoshoot to be the most distinguished part of the wedding day. All the friends are sure that the bride will look fabulous and will get beautiful photos for life because she is always so beautiful! And, indeed, every woman looks unbelievable on this day. The photographer can highlight the woman’s beauty in the photo or vice versa diminish it by their ignorance of the key bridal photoshoot elements, unprofessionalism and disregard of the core parts of the bride’s morning photoshoot.

Thus, here are some valuable tips to make the bride’s photoshoot tender and full of beautiful shots. Add the tips to your favourites or copy them to your notes in order to review them before your special morning.

1. Sleep well and have nice breakfast. This will ensure your good mood and fresh look during the day. Schedule your make up so that you feel comfortable and your early wake up didn’t influence you in the second half of the day. You could set up morning coffee with cakes or croissants together with your friends, mom or sis. This could make up a part of the photoshoot too. 

2. Say ‘no’ to worries and total control. It’s good to take a hot bath, turn off all the notifications, drink some tea and think about something pleasant on the eve of the wedding day.

3. Divide the photoshoot into parts. We would advise you to allocate more time for the bride’s morning photoshoot than for the groom’s one. Approximately 2 hours would do. Split the photoshoot into two parts: details reportage photoshoot and the photos with parents and portrait pics. 

4. Prepare props, clothes and accessories for the shoot in advance. Besides the wedding dress, it’s nice to prepare a negligee, pretty pyjamas or a robe in delicate colours. This way you’ll show your tenderness and mysteriousness. One of the bride’s morning photoshoot parts is shooting the details and accessories, so it’s worth preparing your accessories and wedding details (a perfume, jewellery, a veil, shoes, wedding invitations, the rings and other interesting details). We would recommend to choose them in the same colour palette. 

5. Make a single clothing concept. The bridesmaids also should stick to the wedding concept and wear clothes in the same colour palette.

6. Choose a nice photo and video shoot location. The place for the photoshoot (a photo studio, an apartment or a hotel) should be spacious, with good light and be able to hold 10 people with a few videographers, bridesmaids and so on.

7. Allocate time for the photoshoot with relatives. If there is no possibility to take the photos with relatives in the morning, it’s worth to do it at the church or at the restaurant.

8. Take away ‘visual garbage’. Ensure, there are no unnecessary things, ‘visual garbage’ and interior accessories that may steal the attention.

9. Make up your playlist. Music inspires and relaxes. Background relaxing music will add to the mood and relieve some worries during the photoshoot. 

10. Reportage photoshoot. The bride might want to have some alone time to gather wits. Morning time is good for preparing the oath to the loved one and thinking over the wording. The photographer can make some pictures reflecting your inner world fully in the moment when you are not trying to create a specific air.

And remember, getting ready for the bride’s morning photoshoot is a part of your success. I recommend the photographers to prepare many references so that it was easier to create nice shots during the photoshoot. It’s important to discuss the shooting style and all the bride’s wishes in advance to comprehensively fulfil what she wants in the photos. Wish you good luck and happy smiles on the brides’ faces!