Wedding videography in Italy by Igor Mayherkevych

Wedding video in Italy is the desire of millions of people who dream of connecting their lives. The main goal of my team is to create for couples in love not just a clip, but an interesting, unique, short film filled with creative ideas and interesting solutions. We want the wedding video to be transmitted through generations and become family value.

The joy in the eyes and the smile of happy people is dope for my work. We try to convey important moments and feelings, views and valuable words in the wedding video. High-quality aerial photography of the wedding day will fill you with ease from viewing! Each couple is worth preserving their feelings in the magical cities of Italy (Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice or any other).

Portfolio of the wedding video shoot in Italy

The wedding of Kate and Forrest in Italy
The wedding of Dana and John in the Alps
The wedding of Vera and Daniel in Poland
The wedding of Ksenia and Yuriy in Austria

Pricing for the wedding videography in Italy

  • 10 shooting hours
  • 10-15 min film
  • all speeches
  • 12 shooting hours
  • 15-20 min film
  • all speeches
  • 3-4 min trailer
  • drone
  • 12 shooting hours
  • 20+ min film
  • all speeches
  • 3-5 min trailer
  • drone
  • two cameramen in a team

Our clients' feedback on the wedding videos in Italy

FAQs to the wedding video shoot in Italy

How long does it take to edit the video?
You shall receive the edited video of your wedding in 6 months.
We have a clear image of how our perfect wedding video should look like. Will our wishes be taken in consideration?
Yes, of course! It will help a lot in creating a perfect result. We will discuss all your wishes and preferences before the wedding day.
How many videographers do we need?
Tell me about your wedding format and I will be happy to give you some advice and recommendations.
There will be a lot of toasts at the wedding and we would like all of them to get into the video. Is it possible?
Yes, all the toasts will be recorded and are included in all the packages.
We don’t know what to choose between photos and video.
These are two different products that will depict your wedding from different angles and beautifully add to your wedding story. I recommend going for both photos and videos.
How to agree with you on video if we like your work?
First, write to me or contact me in any suitable way shown below. After that, we will sign a contract to ensure successful cooperation.
What is the difference between a wedding video that is shot by one cameraman or several? 

There are main factors due to which I recommend several videographers. The first key factor is that certain events are unique and special and the combination of shots for the event looks very impressive on the video.

For example, a toast given by parents and the reaction of the newlyweds to it occur simultaneously with the reaction of the guests to the words spoken. If a team has one video operator, he must make a choice, in most cases, the most important point is taken. That is, the speech of parents, while the rest of the unique, inimitable moments remain without attention.

The second important factor is diversity. For example, the moment when the bride enters the church, the combination of frames looks very impressive: a shot from the drone, a shot from the back of the bride, a shot from the front. All this makes the so-called 'Wow' effect in the video. Also, the number of operators should be proportional to the wedding scale. Small family celebrations can be easily handled by one cameraman, for large-scale projects you need a team that will make a wonderful memory from your wedding day for a lifetime.

Wedding videography in Italy: Wealthy guests sit at the festive table at a wedding

Harmonious cooperation of photo and video team at the wedding

The wedding’s success depends on the coordinated work of the whole team, in which videographers and photographers work to create a unique wedding story.

But I would like to share my thoughts on the quality work of the whole team. In most cases, videographers and photographers work in parallel throughout the wedding day, so they must converge in their views on art and understand each other perfectly.

Imagine two teams working with a common goal, but with radically different ideas about an important event in life. Photos and videos are a single body that should work together. When a photographer works on staged moments, the videographer is making the reportage and vice versa. There are frames that the photographer and videographer need to shoot in parallel, and it is very difficult if there is no agreement between the photo and the video.

Wedding videography in Italy: Incredibly beautiful shot of a wedding ceremony

Wedding video air footage features 

A creative solution today is wedding aerial photography in Italy with a drone, which consists of a bird's eye view. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the frames of the wedding day and landscapes from unfamiliar angles.

I really like that aerial photography is becoming an increasingly affordable wedding service and more and more couples can afford it.

Wedding aerial photography is an ideal modern option for creating a unique wedding video from Italy. The drone is an additional opportunity to make your wedding film more diverse.

Moderation in all things. It is appropriate to use a drone to show the uniqueness of a location or event from an unusual angle and give the event or location even greater scale. You should not use a lot of such frames in a wedding film. For a good effect, a few frames will be enough to immerse the viewer in the reality where the wedding took place and show the guests and the event from above.

You should pay attention that many locations in Italy have restrictions on shooting with a drone. Italy is a very beautiful country, so aerial photography will help reveal its uniqueness and preserve memories of one of the most pleasant and exciting days in your life.

Each of us understands the significance of a wedding in each person’s life. Over the years, the memory of the wedding day becomes less vivid, so it is very important to capture valuable moments on the video. The video will be able to demonstrate all the features of a wedding day.