Services of the wedding photography in Italy by Igor Mayherkevych

The most popular wedding photography services in Italy in my creative arsenal are a wedding photo shoot and photos of couples in love. When providing my services, I pay attention to each client! I always try to be creative and apply a variety of creative ideas. Each of my photo shoots is a unique look in photography.

A couple photo shoot or love story in Italy is a wonderful opportunity to rehearse before a wedding photo shoot. Pre-wedding couple shooting allows me to get to know you better, understand what you like and work to create the result you will be happy with. Checking out my works is a way to find out more about my worldview. Enjoy!

Services of the wedding photography in Italy by Igor Mayherkevych

Couple photo shoot services
A great opportunity to make bright and warm couple photos before the wedding or as a gift in honour of a special event: birthday, declaration of love, engagement or just a romantic walk with a couple in the beautiful city of Italy.
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Wedding photo shoot
There is nothing more valuable than memories of a wedding day after many years of married life. Over the years, you can forget a lot of visual details, but thanks to the photos you will remember your best day to the smallest detail and feel the emotions of love again!
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Videography services
Video filming is a great opportunity to save time when your young faces are smiling, eyes in love are shining, you kissing during fiery dances and many more harmonious shots of special events in your life.
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Portfolio of the wedding photographer in Italy - Igor Mayherkevych

Professional wedding photographer services in Italy

Each photographer has their own approach to working with clients. For someone, photos are just a steady income and a chore. But there is also a category of like-minded photographers, for whom a photo shoot is a real field of creativity and the realization of oneself as a photo artist. When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to remember that you choose not only the service of a professional but also a future friend.

A wedding photo shoot is a tandem where it is important to be as sincere and open with each other as possible. Not every couple will be able to feel free in front of the camera. But the task of every professional is to help couples feel confident and at ease.

The final result depends on the photographer's credibility. When choosing the services of a wedding photographer it would be good not only to look at his portfolio but also talk to him. I am sure that only people in love with their work can make every client happy! Choose those who you find easy, simple and interesting!

Services of Wedding Photographer in Italy: Photo from the room of the Bride, who is in a white dress with a veil, stands on the balcony of a luxury villa on the shores of Lake Como

The 'Bride’s morning' service: tips for creating the perfect photo shoot

I am sure that every girl planning a wedding has an idea of ​​what kind of wedding photos she would like to have. For 10 years of wedding photography services, I've clearly understood what moments are important for my clients at different stages of the wedding. I want to focus your attention on the most delicate part of the wedding photo shoot, and highlight a few tips that will help make the bridal morning photos perfect.

Firstly, to shoot high-quality and unique shots, a hotel room or apartment should be spacious and bright enough not to limit me as a photographer.

Secondly, allocate enough time to shoot. From my experience, I can say that 2 hours is enough to shoot the reportage part of the preparation, spectacular details and bridal portraits, as well as take a photo for the frame with relatives. The third point should be applied not only to the bride’s morning but also to the whole wedding. Before the wedding, go to bed earlier, have a delicious breakfast in the morning, relax, turn on your favourite music and just enjoy your day!

Services of Wedding Photographer in Italy: Black and white photo of the bride and groom, who kiss on the background of luxurious and majestic mountains

How to prepare for a couple photoshoot in Italy

It all starts with a wish ... If a couple photoshoot with your loved one in Italy is your dream, then why not to make it in Rome, Naples, Venice or Milan?

The best time for a couple photoshoot is morning or evening when the sun is especially soft. I do not recommend lunchtime. Firstly, there are a lot of tourists, and secondly, it is very hot in the warm season.

To create a harmonious series of couple photoshoots, to reveal your uniqueness, 3-4 hours in two locations are enough, making a break for the most delicious Italian coffee or ice cream in the world. This time is enough to get your feelings connected with the location and together we will create unique memories. The locations shouldn't be very far from each other. The assumption, that the more locations, the more striking the photos will be, is incorrect. In my opinion, it’s better to work well in 1-2 locations with a coffee break than to spend a lot of time commuting.