A groom needs photos too or how to take stylish photos for the groom 

Everybody’s got used to the bride’s stylish and exquisite photos with beautiful landscapes and interiors. However, few pay enough attention to prepare a groom to the photoshoot, having it as more lady’s stuff.

Through the years of my work, I have created a separate strategy for working with men to take stylish photos for them and make the process easy. 

Many people think that the photoshoot takes up a lot of time on the wedding day, however, I consider such an assumption wrong. It’s extremely important to let the people enjoy a wedding day, and the photographer must be a supplement and not turn the wedding into a continuous photoshoot. 

A lot of men do not like being photographed and agree to that only for the sake of the loved ones, kids or just because it’s a tradition to take photos on the wedding day. For some men to end up in front of the camera lens is a true trial and discomfort.

In my experience, I’ve learned some intricacies of working with the male audience.

How to take stylish photos for the groom and create a maximally comfortable atmosphere on the wedding day? Here are a few tried and tested tips to create cool photos for the groom when he’s not so into the very idea of a photoshoot. 

1. Correct time management 

If comparing a bride’s morning to a groom’s morning, then you should allocate less time for the groom’s photoshoot. 40-50 minutes would be quite enough to create a comfortable atmosphere. Close friends and parents can take an active part in the shoot and help create memories for the wedding album. It’s worth dividing the photoshoot into three parts, reportage, portrait and family ones. 

2. Reportage photos.

Reportage photos are a perfect option to catch awesome moments of the groom enjoying the moment, the loved wife and not really paying attention to the camera lens. That is reportage means hunting for the moments and sincere emotions of the guests and the groom without intentionally catching their attention. These could be the shots of the groom and his friends having a good time at the restaurant, apartment or the hotel room. Such shots will definitely look natural and frank, and will also add to the wedding album.   

3. The groom’s portrait photoshoot. 

When doing the reportage shoot, it’s important to choose the best light wise locations of the interior which will make one of the portrait shoot parts.

You can take spectacular portrait photos for the groom in 15-20 minutes without getting him tired. It’s important for the photographer to communicate with the groom giving him tips, telling jokes and provoke to show various emotions. 

4. Photos with parents and family. 

Photos with the family and friends is an important moment of the groom’s photoshoot. These are the so-called photos “for the frame” which will definitely decorate the houses. These photos would fit nicely in the photo album for the parents, grandmas, grandpas and immediate relatives. The unique wedding details both exterior and interior location shots would look splendid.     

5. Each couple is unique and needs a unique approach. 

The photographer needs to understand each couple, their mood, behaviour, uniqueness, groom’s wishes and choose the “photoshoot tactics” which would be comfortable for men.  Many photographers have been grooms and understand all the nuances being on the other side of the lens. A lot of photographers themselves would ask “why do we need to participate actively in the photoshoot on one of the best days of our life especially when we don’t like to do that?”.

6. Make arrangements about a post-wedding photoshoot. 

This is a good idea to let the groom enjoy the moments during the wedding day, and the photographer can focus on doing the reportage photos, catching the groom and bride’s attention from time to time. A very good option is to set a day and spend a few hours creating stylish photos for the groom somewhere in nature or in the studio without haste, extra stress and discomfort for the groom. 

7. Try and make friends with the groom having created a friendly atmosphere. 

Communicating with the groom is an important psychological aspect of the photoshoot. The photographer should understand the groom’s character and temperament to be able to depict that in the photos. Often than not, the grooms see the result and are pleasantly surprised with what they see, with their charisma and uniqueness depicted on the shots. This moment of pleasant surprise can transform the perception of the photoshoot and take away the initial discomfort. 

8. Photographer’s tips are the key to cooperation and a successful tandem.

A wedding photoshoot is the first photoshoot in the life of many men, so the photographer must advise on the better poses, angles, gestures and emotions. Not everything depends on the light and the professional’s skill to use the camera’s capacity to the full. It’s important to give the groom tips by communicating with him and slowly add to the photoshoot more moves, emotions and diverse poses. And, then, you can choose the best shots among a good many various photos.

You should remember the photographer’s work is not a trade, and the photographer is a professional with communication skills and the ability to make friends even with introverts! Believe me, it’s easy to take photos for a person feeling comfortable in front of the camera. All the photographer is left to do is keep the finger on the camera’s shutter. A photographer managing to find the way to cooperate with a person feeling worried, shy, uncomfortable and dissatisfied with them has achieved a personal professional upgrade! I wish you bright ideas and sure steps on your creative way!