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Destination wedding photography in Italy is the thing of my life. I am very lucky to be working in the field that I really love. I always strive to be the best destination wedding photographer for you! My other love is travelling. I spend almost half a year on the road, so it doesn't matter to me where your wedding is planned. I will share any of your most secret dreams and wishes. Living at the intersection of three countries, I will be glad to film your unique love story in Italy, as well as in Germany and Austria.

Main cities for the destination wedding photo shoot in Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy: Morning photo shoot of the bride with her bridesmaids standing on the balcony of a luxury villa on Lake Como and drinking champagne
Rome is a wonderful place and a whole fantastic world for best marriage photography examples in Italy...
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Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy: Loving bride and groom kiss at a table to the applause of guests
Venice is the city of masks but not in the wedding portrait in Italy, where it’s hard to hide your true sincere emotions.
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Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy: Wedding hall, waiting for the bride and groom who are about to go inside
Naples is the pearl of Italy. This city can become the spot where you can create your engagement photos from Italy.
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Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy: Cheerful guests joyfully smile at the table
Milan is the fashion and business capital, the most stylish and rich city adored by local Italian wedding photographers
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Destination wedding photo shoot in Italy

Destination couple photo shoot
Photos and memory are two of the strongest words that can impress every person. Couple photoshoot is an opportunity to keep your loving looks at each other, feelings, youth and mood! A couple photo shoot in Italy can be the beginning of your family archive.
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Destination wedding photo shoot
Many photos cause delight and nostalgia, but wedding photography is the whole art of conveying your love story and your feelings for life. This is an each woman’s childhood dream, which must come true!
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Destination wedding video
A wedding video is your love Oscar. Wedding videography in Italy is an eternal story of your relationships and feelings. This is the movie your children will watch when resembling you in your youth and happiness!
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How much time do you need to allocate for an on-site wedding photo shoot for the newlyweds?

You have probably already understood that I support planning the time rationality. The wedding day schedule plays an important role in the success of the entire wedding. The limited time is an unpleasant moment for every photographer. When there is less than half an hour for a wedding photo shoot, the photographer and the newlyweds are stressed. To be happy with the result, set aside time in advance for a walking photo shoot on your wedding day. Properly distributed time for a photo shoot is the key to your happy emotions!

How much time is needed to take the best wedding photos for a couple in love at a wedding? In most cases, one hour per location will be perfect. This time is necessary to reveal your feelings and not to bore you because there is still a banquet ahead, where you need to be full of energy. It is also appropriate to allocate additional time for shooting at sunset, 20 minutes, no more. But believe me, the result will please you!

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy: Portrait of a girl with full lips who looks away

Perks of creating perfect wedding portraits for the bride

Wedding portraits are a very tender moment in a wedding photo shoot. All brides dream of getting beautiful portraits, filled with love and tenderness.

The portrait of the bride is an artistic shot, so I always try to approach the creation of such photos very responsibly and creatively. It is very important to psychologically set up the bride for good emotions, calmness and even make her laugh for the shot. It is the portrait of the bride that conveys the girl’s inner world, her emotions, feelings, uniqueness and allows her to fully reveal her romantic image.

You should not forget about the combination of diverse shots of the bride, show the place of shooting and her image as a whole. Photo portraits should harmoniously combine with a series of wedding photos.

Do you know the feeling when you are doing one thing and thinking about something else? Then, the matter fails and all thoughts are scattered. It is the same with photos - forget about everything that worries you at the time of wedding shooting. The day before the wedding should be dedicated to relaxation. So, do not strain yourself on this day with different things and organizational thoughts. It is very important to relax, sleep and be in a good mood before the wedding day.

A walk while listening to your favorite music will come in very handy. We all have tricks on how to make our mood better be it our favorite cappuccino, a glass of sparkling wine, and best friends nearby — use all effective ways.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy: Bride and groom holding hands on the background of the old church

On-site Wedding: Church Wedding Ceremony

The most emotional part of the wedding is the ceremony in the church, when the newlyweds make a promise in the face of God and their dearest ones. This is a very exciting moment for parents, couples and everyone present.

A wedding opens up a completely different dimension to family life. Wedding in Italy is the dream of many lovers. Italy has a rich and magnificent architecture and numerous temples where you can make an unforgettable marriage ceremony. There are many sacred places where you can make the best wedding photos in Rome, Venice, Naples and Milan.

I recommend that the church ceremony be planned in the first part of the wedding day, immediately after the bride’s morning. After the church ceremony, you will feel significant relief because one of the main emotional parts will have passed, you will be able to exhale and switch to the entertainment program.