What to do with your arms and legs during the photoshoot or 10 rules in posing

Many people experience anxiety and even fear before a photo shoot. A wedding photo shoot for someone is the first serious experience of a full-fledged photo shoot with a professional photographer. I would like to share 10 useful posing tips during a wedding or a couple photo shoot. I hope this information will be useful for you and help overcome internal discomfort during the photo shoot. My main task is to make the shooting process as comfortable as possible for you! 

1. Say no to shyness!

Each of you is a person with their particular gestures, emotions, charisma and character. And you should stop worrying about doing something wrong during the photo shoot. On the contrary, it is very important to remain yourself, to be who you are! Do not worry about looking funny, and sometimes even a little crazy! The more different emotions you display, the better!

A photo shoot is stressful not only for women but also for men. Shyness can cause boring and not dynamic photos! Couples are often shy of people passing nearby during the street photo shoot.

In fact, they see you for only 5 seconds of their life, and then they forget about it. Is it worth bothering yourself with what others think about you?

2. Comfortable basic poses 

It is very important to choose a pose which allows you to feel as comfortable as possible.

This is the basis for a smooth transition to other gestures, movements and the like. No one will force you to do a flip in flight, do not worry! I will try my best to make various parts of your body move. Posing should look like your beautiful dance. Your movements should be slow and light. When moving, never think about your reflection in the camera, the professional will tell you what’s best. To look slim, always try to keep your posture straight and draw in your stomach, draw your shoulder blades closer together to increase the neckline.

3. Pose correctly!

I always suggest women leaving their hair loose without making complicated hairstyles, and men not using fixating hair products since hair is a very interesting element in the frame. During the shooting, you can touch it, wave it, shake your head and turn around sharply. The more natural, the better the result! It is very appropriate to bring along various accessories for a photo shoot. For example, posing with a bouquet looks harmonious during a wedding photo shoot. 

4. ‘I don’t know what to do with my arms during the photo shoot’ .

Sometimes people say their movements are wooden because they don’t know how to pose. But this isn’t a problem at all and can be easily fixed up with professional tips!

The main thing here is that your hands in the frame should be busy with something and be always in motion during the photo shoot! You can gently hug yourself around the waist, making a smooth transition along the contours of the body. It is very important to enjoy the beauty of your body! Once you understand your uniqueness, posing will be much easier! The main thing is to relax, not be shy and enjoy the photo shooting process!

5. «I don’t know what to do with my legs at the photo shoot”. 

Women always look slimmer wearing heels, which make their figure more fit and add to the image of femininity and lightness. It is very important to put the legs to the side, laying them on the edge of the feet and posing sideways to the camera to get less of so-called “passport photo”.

6. Changing movements during the photoshoot.

A few smooth movements in each base pose (lying, sitting, standing) are enough. It is important to change the pose in the same plane (for example, bend slightly to the left or right), turn a bit, put your legs differently, and the like.

To emphasize the décolleté zone, you can bend your upper body slightly forward.

7. Emotions when posing.

Tight lips make the face seem very serious and sometimes angry. This is especially noticeable in portrait photographs. Therefore, you should relax and breath out through your mouth before the shot. Trust your feelings, listen to the inner world and just behave naturally.

8. Be very close to your loved one. 

It is very important to convey the atmosphere of love and a happy relationship when shooting a wedding or couple photo shoot. That’s why it is vital to be as close to your partner as possible while posing. The photos where the couple is hugging, looking in the eyes, kissing lightly etc. look good. The frames look beautiful when a woman is holding her hands on her husband’s shoulders or when a man is hugging the woman at the waist and stroking her hair. This will create a classic romance in the photo!

9. How to deal with a long wedding dress.

The photo shoot of the bride in a long dress always looks beautiful and fabulous. If you have a beautiful figure, you can safely wear tight-fitting dresses.

If you prefer to hide some drawbacks of the figure, there are many options for stylish dress models. Many wedding dresses have a sexy cut on the back or along the leg. It looks very beautiful in the photos. You can experiment with a long trail of the dress a lot and realize many creative ideas!

10. A man should embody maturity and a woman should embody femininity!  

Sometimes photos where the groom is standing like a tree and the bride spins around him in various movements look funny. It is very important not to go too far here!

It would be great to take many diverse shots during the wedding photo shoot,. Lively and natural photos always look very believable!

I hope these tips will be useful to you and I will do my best to make you feel comfortable. As a result, your photos will be a wonderful memory of you smiling on a happy day!