Over the last year, a lot of good photos, that I’d like to share, have piled up. However, constant journeys and the implementation of crazy projects have been taking up precious time. Today, I was supposed to post another ‘vanilla” story about how Sasha and Christina chose me because they appreciated my professionalism, but no). Frankly speaking, we have met at my individual master class at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above the sea level and at a temperature of -20°C.). You won’t believe me but I did not take a single shot that day, really, nothing at all. Would I choose such a photographer after such a master class?! Definitely not, but the newlyweds have decided differently. And here I am at the wedding, where everything reminds me of a party of good friends, of many friends, where joy and pleasure was overruling. Nothing prevented the entertainment, not even the heat of +36°C.