Sometimes, it seems to me that different nationalities, religions, languages, worldviews do not play absolutely any role when people are open to communication. My assumption was proved when I got to know the wonderful Austrian couple of Martina and Marcus. Since the first time we talked on Skype, I realized how important it was for the celebration to be on the highest level: the forethought of all the details, accuracy and pedantry were felt at every conversation. So, the location for the wedding was a picturesque castle in the town of St. Pölten. From the very beginning to the very end of the celebration, the atmosphere of a big family joyful event was in the air. Excellent that the size of the complex allowed conducting all the important activities of the day right in one place. As a result, there was no need to hurry anywhere, spend precious time on the road, it was enough to relax, take pleasure of every moment and enjoy the day. And it was delightful to be able to walk till the dawn, not thinking about having to get somewhere. A few shots of the backstage are ready for your review.