Ladies tend to treat photographs with more flutter and scrutiny. The bride Anastasia has appeared to be a bright example of a perfectionist with a refined taste, who prefers unique and special wedding photos. Thanks to the newlyweds, I understood what is a true determination, it appears that it is possible to make your dreams come true, the main thing is to desperately want it. So, a week of shooting, thousands of miles on the road, each element of the image carefully thought over and not even a word mentioning tiredness. Lago di Braies, Italy is the embodiment of the fairytale in the real world, it is the place where the postcard perfect smooth surface of the azure lake is harmonized with torrid peaks. And then, colourful and hasteless Portofino, whose rocky seascapes can be admired literary for months. And at last, its highness Principality of Monaco – an example of aristocracy and bohemian style. Words cannot convey everything, so I suggest diving into the atmosphere of travel together with our photos.